Original Diet Program Overview

By loretta May 31, 2018


At Citrus Medical Weight Loss, Dr. Redrick tailors a diet plan specifically for each individual patient depending on your medical profile, weight loss goals, budget, and preference.  In this article, we walk you through the phases of our Original Diet Program although we do offer several different medical weight loss programs.

Congratulations for choosing to make a healthy lifestyle change!  You may have made this choice just to feel better about the way you look or to have more energy, but did you know that you could be increasing your chances for a longer, healthier life?  Because this program incorporates healthy eating and exercise habits, you will not only lose weight, gain energy, and feel great, but you will also help reduce your chance of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women.  (According to the American Heart Association- 12 times as many women die of heart disease than breast cancer).  The life you save could be your own!

Our unique medically supervised program consists of four phases.


Phase 1 of our program, the “Jumpstart Phase” is strictly defined and must be followed precisely in order to “Jumpstart” your weight loss.  During this phase you may only eat proteins and drink calorie free beverages.  The first one to four weeks of the program is called the “Jumpstart” because it will prepare your body to become a fat burning machine.  In the “Jumpstart” Phase of the program you are going to eliminate everything from your diet that does not contain a protein source.  In order for you to burn fat, you must remove all the “carbohydrate stores” in your body.  The way to accomplish this is to stimulate your body into a state of ketosis.  It is during this state that your body depletes stored carbohydrates.  In order to determine if you are in ketosis you must monitor your urine with Keto-Stix.  Once you reach moderate ketosis you may move to Phase 2 of our program.


Phase 2 of the program, “The Development Phase”, will find you adding foods consisting of healthy complex carbohydrates, as well as continuing with healthuy fats and proteins.  Your body needs this food combination to give you energy, build muscle, and burn fat.


Phase 3 of our program, “The Energize Phase”, finds you gradually adding more calories and options to your diet.


Phase 4 is the phase that you will use for the rest of your life.  We call this the “Lifestyle Phase”, because by now you are no longer on the medication, you have learned proper eating habits and you are exercising on a regular basis.  Our goal is to teach you how to eat and live healthier so that you may stay lean and healthy for a LIFETIME!


We will supply you with a “Foods to Avoid” list, a “Foods to Enjoy” list, and a “Serving Guide”.  We highly encourage you to use these lists as a guide when you go to the grocery store.  This will not only help you shop for the correct foods, but it will also help to keep you from buying items that are not on our program.  Just remember, when you are tempted to purchase foods that are not part of the program- “If you don’t buy it-you won’t eat it” its a good rule of thumb to help keep you on track to a new, beautiful, healthy YOU!

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Starting back with Dr R in couple of days! I went off track looking forward to the new n improved program n me!❤️