Citrus County Medical Weight Loss Diet Plans

Original Low-Carb Diet Details

If you are carrying around 50 or more pounds of excess weight, your BMI is probably 30 or more, which is considered obese. Bariatric (medical weight management) experts like Dr. Redrick know that carrying this amount of excess weight puts people at risk for a number of potentially serious health conditions. The higher your BMI rises above 30, the greater are your health risks.

A full-, or nearly full-meal replacement diet program that provides no more than one thousand calories each day can help you bring down your weight and health risks more quickly and safely than you could while simply following a low-calorie foods diet.

Combining physician guided meal replacement programs with other weight management tools like appetite suppressing medication and/or a lifestyle change program has been proven to help people achieve excellent weight loss results without undergoing weight loss surgery.

The NEW L.O.S.E. Diet Plan

Citrus County Medical Weight Loss Diet Plans

L.O.S.E. is our latest diet program. We adopted this program to help those who cannot or do not want to diet with the stringent low-carb requirements of our regular low-carb diet program. This helps us to meet different individual needs and desires.

Semaglutide Diet

Ride the Tide to a new you with semaglutide. This is a sustainable weight loss diet based on science. Designed for your biology not will power. Download the brochure below for more information on this diet