The Diet Doctor

In America we struggle with being overweight and obese. This is concerning for our self image and our mental health, as such a significant portion of our society has a stigma about being thin and fit. While it is important to look and feel our best concerning our… Read More

Medical Weight Loss with Proven Results

WEIGHT LOSS!  We know it is on your mind and Citrus Medical Weight Loss is here to help you reach your goals!  Dr. Redrick has designed medical weight loss plans that are proven to help patients reach and sometimes exceed their goals concerning weight loss.  Our plans… Read More

Original Diet Program Overview

  At Citrus Medical Weight Loss, Dr. Redrick tailors a diet plan specifically for each individual patient depending on your medical profile, weight loss goals, budget, and preference.  In this article, we walk you through the phases of our Original Diet Program although we do offer several different medical… Read More